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The HarperLegend Summer Read

I think we all have this cherished “summer read” fantasy of reading a gripping book while lying on the beach, or rocking on the porch of a mountain cabin, or sipping an iced drink at a city café. I know what my version of that pastoral summer scene is: I am sitting with my book on a rocky little point on the coast of Maine while visiting my aunts and uncles. I sneak out just before a dinner of corn on the cob, lobster, and asparagus to return to my treasured book, the one I started on the plane ride and that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since touching the ground. I get sucked into a world unlike my own, yet one with questions, ruminations, and deep insights that somehow reflect mine. I find myself both challenged and comforted by this story, and when it ends, there would be a mark within me for a long time—perhaps my whole life—that informs who I am and how I see the world.

The beauty of this fantasy is that it has come true and very likely will again. The books that inspire such fantasies are exactly the sort of books HarperLegend offers. (Except that they are not limited to summer. There’s always a way to create that beach/mountain/cafe experience of savoring a good book, even if it’s a rainy day in March or a snow-filled afternoon in December.)

HarperLegend was started in the spirit of HarperOne’s goal to publish books that move us and illuminate new meaning. In our office, words like “transformation,” “self-discovery,” and “visionary” are everyday parlance. That rings true with each project published by HarperLegend, our line of transformational fiction in the digital first format.

Now nearly a year into starting this new imprint, we are celebrating the release of nine titles. From the imagined life of the prophetess Deborah in Deborah Rising and its sequel, Deborah Calling, to the untold story of events that led to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in Written in the Ashes to the fictional diaries of Martin Luther’s son in the forthcoming Shadows of My Father—these books continue to spread messages of transformation and self-discovery.

Find your next immersive read for your beach/mountaintop escape/city vacation this summer—now $0.99 for a limited time:

Deborah Rising by Avraham Azrieli is the bestselling historical novel that reimagines the life of one of the Bible’s most revered women, the prophetess Deborah, and her epic journey to fulfill her destiny. To see her father’s dream of becoming a prophet come true, Deborah made the cunning decision to become a man and sought out a mysterious elixirist who can turn women into men.

The journey continues in Azrieli’s Deborah Calling, as the prophetess witnesses the darkness that can take hold in the hearts and souls of men. Visionary dreams, a mysterious eagle, and an extraordinary band of ex-slaves will help Deborah find the answer . . . and ultimately her calling.

The fictional letters and diary entries of Paul Luther, Martin Luther’s youngest son, bring to life the story of Christianity’s most important reformer as well as the tumultuous world of late medieval Germany prior to and after the Reformation in Christoph Werner’s forthcoming Shadows of My Father.

In The Retreat by Jacci Turner, a week-long spiritual retreat for Amy offers a complete renewal of faith after she is ostracized from the evangelical church she grew up in, ultimately giving her a new sense of belonging and a more meaningful view of God.

A trip to Appalachia to investigate the religious “miracle” of a rural pastor walking on water becomes a transformational spiritual journey for one unsuspecting Londoner in The Man Who Walked on Water by Jacob Beaver that touches on the mysterious questions in our lives.

In the page-turning magical adventure House of Cry by Linda Bleser, a secret room in a new house transports a woman to alternate realities of her life—spiritual voyages of discovery that offer unexpected answers about her family, herself, and her true destiny.

The fates of two wise men from the same village living in different time periods are connected by one mythical creature—and forces they cannot control—in the supernatural tale The Wolf of Allendale by Hannah Spencer that imaginatively retells the historical legend of the Wolf of Allendale.

In the bloody clash between Christians and pagans in fifth-century Alexandria, a servant girl becomes the last hope for preserving peace in this evocative and thrilling tale—a blend of history, adventure, religion, romance, and mysticism in K. Hollan Van Zandt’s Written in the Ashes.

An unexpected reunion at a remote lakeside camp in the Maine woods offers the possibility of reconciliation and healing for a man and his fractured family in Autumn Imago by Bryan Wiggins.

May you discover your ideal summer read with one of these books!

Anna Paustenbach
Assistant Editor

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