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Monthly Archives: June 2016

I Kissed Christian Sex Good-Bye by Mickey Maudlin

Recently the clever-but-soon-to-be-defunct website The Toast hosted a forum of writers who had been influenced by Joshua Harris’s bestselling 1997 book, I Kissed Dating Good-Bye. This book spread like a virus in teen Christian circles, and soon church youth groups … read more »

What Shane Claiborne Wants to Kill by Mickey Maudlin

I think of Shane Claiborne as a modern St. Francis, joyfully going around preaching about injustices and suffering without making people squirm or feel guilty. In fact, people feel hopeful after listening to him. That is a rare gift. He … read more »

A Letter to Graduates
By Victor J. Strecher, Author of Life on Purpose

On this early Spring morning, I’m sitting in my back yard beneath a living canopy of chirping birds. They’re sending out signals for mating, food . . . maybe just fun. I don’t know much about their world, but I … read more »