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Monthly Archives: March 2016

“Rob Bell’s Christian Experiment” by Mickey Maudlin

Let’s say you are a pastor of a very large church and you hear God pushing you to reach out to those who do not come to church, to those who have never even considered going to church. So you … read more »

Love Lessons
By Norman Wirzba, Author of Way of Love

I have written this book because I believe that Christianity at its best gives an honest, rigorous, and compelling account of life as a way of love. It gives us the metaphysical map we need by which we can evaluate … read more »

Closing the Bible Gap by Mickey Maudlin

One of the wonders of the current election drama is how to understand the “evangelical” vote. Pondering why so many Bible-believing Christians ignore their Bibles has the op-ed writers of the New York Times stumped. Peter Wehner, a former staff … read more »