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Monthly Archives: February 2016

An Excerpt from Saving Alex
By Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks

When Alex Cooper was fifteen, she told her Mormon parents that she was gay, and they drove her from their home in Southern California to Utah, handing her over to fellow Mormons who promised they could cure her of her … read more »

When Christians Go Bad by Mickey Maudlin

Anyone who has spent a good chunk of time in churches confronts an uncomfortable truth: Christian institutions can go off course. Way off course. A common example is when people’s spiritual sanctuary turns into a battleground for a spiritual civil … read more »

An Excerpt from Way of Love by Norman Wirzba

Christianity at its deepest level gives us a vision of the world as the fully sensual manifestation of God’s love and then provides us with the practices by which we can respond to this gift. It is an invitation to … read more »

The Most Popular Catholic Author You May Not Have Heard Of by Mickey Maudlin

If you are a religious publishing geek like me, you know all about James Martin. If you have not heard of him, then you are in for a treat. Jim is a Jesuit priest on staff with America magazine, for … read more »