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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why the Church Needs Brian, Rob, and Don

I was saddened by reading an article by a former colleague whom I highly esteem and have always thought spiritually wise. What happened? In Leadership Journal (a magazine for pastors produced by Christianity Today), Kevin Miller wrote a blog post … read more »

The Artisan Soul: A Manifesto of Human Creativity

By Erwin Raphael McManus Every day I interact with women and men who are haunted by the thought that they are living beneath their potential.  They range from driven and ambitious to discouraged and depressed.  As different as they may … read more »

Choose Your Metaphor Carefully

By Mickey Maudlin Metaphors matter. I was captivated by Donald Miller’s key idea in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: We should strive to be compelling characters in a good story. I found this to be surprisingly effective spiritual … read more »

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Publishing the Bible Without a Net

The American Bible Society and Barna just published their findings for “The Most (and Least) Bible-Minded Cities in the U.S. The survey measured how often the Bible is read and how “accurate” people believed Scripture to be. Not surprisingly, the … read more »