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Monthly Archives: January 2014

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The Value of Editors

I think Seth Godin is often insightful about the new world of publishing, and he has been a champion of the new possibilities for how to publish. But though he does not connect the dots in one of his recent … read more »

The Clergy Laity Gap

More than once an author we have published has wondered after getting thoroughly criticized and attacked by an assortment of evangelical leaders whether they have “lost” their evangelical audience. My counsel has been not to let your critic’s define your … read more »

Pitching God

I have an odd perspective on the Christian world. I have been a professional working within that world for over thirty years, but unlike most people who can say that, very rarely am I in front of it. Most working … read more »

IN THE NEWS: December & January

HarperOne authors and books made headlines in December and January.  Here are some of the highlights… Joshua Dubois, author of The President’s Devotional… Debating the government’s role in helping the needy on The O’Reilly Factor Discussing the state of faith … read more »