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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Accepting Divine Will and Human LawAn Excerpt from Christian Hosoi’s Hosoi

“It’s difficult to say where one journey begins and another ends. I now see that God has been calling me all of my life. I’m named Christian and have worn crosses ever since I can remember. My nickname is Christ, and I invented … read more »

Christianity in Antiquity: The Bart Ehrman Blog A Free Excerpt

On February 1, I had a public debate in Chapel Hill with Daniel Wallace, a conservative evangelical Christian New Testament scholar who teaches at that bastion of conservative dispensationalist theology, Dallas Theological Seminary. I have known Dan for over thirty … read more »

Healing Catholic “Bible Envy” By Mickey Maudlin, HarperOne Senior V.P./Executive Editor

When HarperOne contracted with the National Council of Churches to manage the licensing of the NRSV in 2006, one of the happy surprises for us was the openness the Catholic market had to new Bibles designed for them. Catholic consumers … read more »