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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Christian Publishing’s Dirty Little Secret By Mickey Maudlin, HarperOne Senior V.P./Executive Editor

Shortly before the release of her latest book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, Lauren Winner was ordained a priest in the Episcopal church. The timing makes it appear as if her ordination were the dramatic climax to the resolution … read more »

An Excerpt from How God Became KingBy N. T. Wright

Preface It has been slowly dawning on me over many years that there is a fundamental problem deep at the heart of Christian faith and practice as I have known it. This problem can be summarized quite easily: we have … read more »

Spiritual Awakening By Diana Butler Bass, author of Christianity After Religion

Strange as it may seem in this time of cultural anxiety, economic near collapse, terrorist fear, political violence, environmental crisis, and partisan anger, I believe that the United States (and not only the United States) is caught up in the throes … read more »