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Monthly Archives: March 2011

An Excerpt from Norris Chumley’s MYSTERIES OF THE JESUS PRAYER

From the Introduction Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.   For at least 1,700 years this seemingly simple prayer has been the cornerstone of the spiritual life of countless monks and nuns of the … read more »

Lying for the Sake of Truth By Bart D. Ehrman, author of Forged

My students sometimes look incredulous when I tell them that the story of Jesus’s resurrection is never narrated in the New Testament.  But it’s true.  According to the Gospel accounts, Jesus was crucified, dead, and buried.  And on the third … read more »

A Bad First Date with C. S. Lewis By Brian McLaren, author of Naked Spirituality

I never heard of C. S. Lewis until I was in high school. He was too “liberal” for the conservative church tradition into which I was born. So I was in my junior year of high school when I first … read more »

An Excerpt from Marcus J. Borg’s SPEAKING CHRISTIAN

Christian language has become a stumbling block in our time. Much of its basic vocabulary is seriously misunderstood by Christians and non-Christians alike. Big words like salvation, saved, sacrifice, redeemer, redemption, righteousness, repentance, mercy, sin, forgiveness, born again, second coming, God, … read more »