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Monthly Archives: October 2010

An Excerpt from Brent Landau’sREVELATION OF THE MAGI

The Revelation of the Magi, mostly narrated by the Magi in the first person, is a sweeping and imaginative work that begins in the Garden of Eden and ends with the Magi being baptized at the hands of the Apostle Thomas. These Magi are … read more »

A Conversation with Peter Berger,author of IN PRAISE OF DOUBT

Why We Need to Make Friends with Doubt Doubt is not the enemy of truth, but its best friend. One of the most important questions in our time is how one can avoid two equally undeniable attitudes: (1) relativism, in … read more »

THE GREATEST PRAYERDiscussion Questions

Prologue Before you begin the book, what are your impressions of the Lord’s Prayer? What do you think it was about? Crossan reveals the poetic parallelism of the prayer. How does its literary structure change how you approach and interpret … read more »