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How Liberals Win, Even in the Trump Era

The longer I have struggled to figure out what people want to read, the more I have become fascinated by what we want to avoid or ignore or forget. One would think Christian books on homosexuality would be all the … read more »

Remembering Huston Smith, Religion’s Unassuming Revolutionary

As if 2016 could not end without one more shot in the gut, we learned on December 30 that longtime HarperOne author Huston Smith passed away. He was 97. The world’s foremost expert on world religions, Huston Smith was one … read more »

Has Jesus Failed?

In college our religious conversations centered on, “Is Christianity true?” My answers evolved from “Of course not” to “Maybe” to “Oh my gosh, yes.” (That “gosh” is a direct quotation—I’m a Midwesterner.) Over the years I have grown suspicious of … read more »

Cherishing Deep Teachers in Trump Times

As part of my election recovery, I decided to try to take time to contemplate and be grateful for seemingly ordinary things. For instance, I am much more grateful for leaders who are embarrassed and ashamed over their bad behavior. … read more »

N. T. Wright’s Passion of the Christ by Mickey Maudlin

Years ago at a Christian book show, attendees were treated to a special preview of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, which my colleagues and I were eager to see since there was already a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding … read more »

Sue Monk Kidd and the Lonely Walk of Faith
By Mickey Maudlin

One of the many surprises of being a Christian for thirty-six years is how lonely that journey can feel at times. I remember that special feeling when I first called myself a Christian after some mystical experiences and a string … read more »

Celebrating the World’s Most Famous Albanian
By Mickey Maudlin

The strangest aspect of the canonization of Mother Teresa is how natural it seems. Most people have thought of her as a “saint” ever since they first heard of her. And considering she lived during the age of the 24/7 … read more »

I Kissed Christian Sex Good-Bye by Mickey Maudlin

Recently the clever-but-soon-to-be-defunct website The Toast hosted a forum of writers who had been influenced by Joshua Harris’s bestselling 1997 book, I Kissed Dating Good-Bye. This book spread like a virus in teen Christian circles, and soon church youth groups … read more »

What Shane Claiborne Wants to Kill by Mickey Maudlin

I think of Shane Claiborne as a modern St. Francis, joyfully going around preaching about injustices and suffering without making people squirm or feel guilty. In fact, people feel hopeful after listening to him. That is a rare gift. He … read more »

The Surprisingly Difficult Art of Not Being a Whiny Old Man by Mickey Maudlin

When I was a young man, I attended a dinner celebrating the career of an elderly and famous evangelical leader. After the meal, the honoree was invited to speak, where he reiterated one of the core themes of his career … read more »