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The Sign of the Cross: Spiritual Lessons from With God in Russia – Afterword by James Martin, SJ

The final line is, for me, the most moving in the entire book. “Slowly, carefully, I made the sign of the Cross over the land I was leaving.” In the long line of spiritual memoirs written by American Catholics, there … read more »

The Story Behind The Retreat by Jacci Turner

It had been a difficult couple of years. My mom died, and I was asked to leave a ministry position in spiritual formation I loved over a policy issue. Then, a friend of mine surprised me by raising the money … read more »

Marianne Borg on Days of Awe and Wonder
An Excerpt from the Foreword

For as long as there have been Christians, there has been considerable debate about what it means to be a Christian. From the authority of the Bible and the believability of its stories, to the meaning of Jesus, to what … read more »

The Intersection of Harm and Healing
By Carol Howard Merritt

I went to the museum with a friend. We were walking around, admiring the paintings in their humid-free, temperature controlled environment. Standing before a magnificent canvas, I watched the colors bleed with deep blue and red, until their hue took … read more »

The Story Behind The Man Who Walked on Water
By Jacob Beaver

It’s morning. I am sitting at my desk, with leaves falling brightly outside, just as they do in the book. The Man Who Walked on Water is my first published novel, and I wrote it in a year. I wrote … read more »

The Story Behind Dallas Willard’s
Renewing the Christian Mind
An Excerpt from Gary Black Jr.’s Introduction

The original kernel of an idea for publishing a Dallas Willard anthology surfaced in 2009. It came during the first of what would become several visits I made from the United Kingdom to Southern California to conduct research interviews with … read more »

“PLEASE HELP” By Shane Claiborne,
Author of Executing Grace

I will never forget a note I got from a man on death row. It had two words in bold writing: PLEASE HELP. And along with those two words was a letter sharing his story. The man writing me was … read more »

The World Faces a Global Refugee Crisis. Here’s How to Get Involved. By D. L. Mayfield, Author of Assimilate or Go Home

“Open wide my doors to whatever makes me love You more.” —Aaron Weiss When I was nineteen years old, I went to Bible college to be a missionary. While I was studying the ins and outs of conversion, a friend … read more »

A Letter to Graduates
By Victor J. Strecher, Author of Life on Purpose

On this early Spring morning, I’m sitting in my back yard beneath a living canopy of chirping birds. They’re sending out signals for mating, food . . . maybe just fun. I don’t know much about their world, but I … read more »

The Cities That Built the Bible by Robert Cargill

I have taught biblical studies at the university level for over a dozen years now, and I’ve found that I get a lot of the same questions from year to year. I also get the same questions from church- and … read more »